The Art Of Strategic Reaction

It’s high time we start reacting strategically instead of emotionally, especially when it comes to business. The Art Of Strategic Reaction helps executives and their employees better manage their emotional responses to both major life events and minor situations.

Everything in life comes down to three things: What we think, feel, and do. The only one that’s observable to the outside world is what we do. Yes, it’s important to experience what you think and feel, but it’s equally important to be strategic about what you do.

The Art Of Strategic Reaction trains you in how to react in various situations so that you can win in every situation.

How to Do You Want to Learn?

Kyle is committed to leveraging an education in the manner that best suits your organization’s needs.

That’s why he offers information on Emotional Strategic Reaction in the following formats:


Kyle is available for speaking engagements, including keynote presentations. Depending on size, your audience will be broken out into small groups and given puzzles to solve throughout the speech. All audience members will leave with various action items and ready to engage with the concepts discussed.

Online Course

Kyle’s online course is self-guided, allowing you to take it at your own pace. Learn the basic tenets of The Art Of Strategic Reaction, complete assessments, track progress, and get feedback from coaches.

Strategy for Social Good

More and more companies are catching on to the idea that their business should be about more than just profit. The Strategy for Social Good helps these companies implement an organizational shift to be more value instead of solely profit focused.

Oftentimes, when asked what happened to the extra profit in any given fiscal year, execs simply don’t know. What’s more, they can’t point to how their life or their employees’ lives changed for the better.

This strategy allows organizations to achieve real value and boost employee engagement while still increasing profit.


Kyle’s workshops are more in-depth, including small group activities in which participants are encouraged to talk about their assumptions, purpose, self-awareness, and how to leverage their emotions to better serve their long-term goals.

Executive Coaching

In coaching sessions, Kyle delivers customized assessments and training in person and over the phone. Reach out to Kyle directly with your questions and uncertainties and let him demonstrate how you could have better handled a particular situation.