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Kyle, like many of us, has had a winding path to where he is today. The things he learned along the way have helped form and develop his unique consulting and coaching methodology.

After selling his second company at 28 years old, Kyle wasn’t sure what to do, so he went back to school to study Psychology. Soon thereafter, his new mentor, a professor, asked him if he’d like to become a consultant in the organizational behavior space.

It was in this role that Kyle was put in a situation that would dictate his career path from then on.

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Spark Policy Institute develops innovative, research- and community-based approaches to help our partners solve complex societal problems that defy easy solutions.

Choice Strategy Group understands market trends and uses industry expertise to expose hidden opportunities that create long-term value.

Kyle Brost is ready to help you harness the power of emotion to get what you want from your business. Utilizing the tools of The Art Of Strategic Reaction

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In addition to coaching companies on The Art of Strategic Reaction and Absolute Value Creation, Kyle is also CEO of Spark Policy Institute, Founder of Choice Strategy Group, an official member of the Forbes Coaches Council, and has been published in The New York Times, Forbes, The Huffington Post, and The Good Men Project.

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Kyle ended up becoming a strategy consultant for Fortune 500 companies, but something didn’t sit right with him.

All of these businesses were focused on one thing: Profit. He’d had too many experiences where profit was rising, yet no one’s life was any different or better. Whose life would really be different based on that additional margin?

From this line of questioning came the seed for Absolute Value Creation, a policy that rejected profit for profit’s sake and instead prioritized maximizing value creation while still increasing returns.



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